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Had to share this.

I’ll try to play this with violin :3

I swear I’m about to get out my piano and flute and play this and then I’m going to figure out the guitar chords because holy fucking shit this makes me happy.



Katy Perry really just sat there and called trans girls on tumblr rats. Like she really just owned up to stealing our shit and then sit there like she isn’t the one lacking taste. Least I’m not bottom feeding even if I’m not getting paid bitch! Who’s the real rat now!


Horror/Halloween Asks

1. What's your favourite scary movie or story?

2. Favourite horror or Halloween-themed song?

3. What are some things you're most afraid of?

4. Does anything creep you out but in a good way?

5. Name something you wouldn't want to run into down a dark alley or in an abandoned building.

6. Favourite horror monster or villain?

7. Do you believe in ghosts?

8. The creepiest thing that's ever happened while you were alone?

9. What's the best Halloween costume you've ever seen or worn?

10. Best Halloween experience?

11. Ever been to a haunted house?

12. What about a cornfield maze?

13. If you were dared to spend the night in a "haunted house", would you do it?

14. Have any specific Halloween traditions?

15. Are you superstitious?

psa: If you ever have any questions about my character, you are always welcome to ask them. I encourage asking questions for it also helps me develop my character further or help explain something unclear.

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  • "I’m really glad I met you."
  • "I’m so proud of you!"
  • "I just want to make you proud."
  • "Never a dull day with you!"
  • "I just want to make you happy, always."
  • "You make me so happy."
  • "I don’t know what I’d do without you."
  • "Thank you so much for being there for…

Put ‘Confess!’ plus an accusation about my muse in my ask, and my muse will confess whether it’s true or not!

Here’s some examples to start you off-

  • Confess! Are you turned on by [insert kink here]?
  • Confess! Do you like [insert name here]?
  • Confess! Is it true that you once [insert odd/silly activity here]?
  • Confess! Are you scared of [insert fear here]?
  • Confess! Did you cry during [insert movie here]
Or think of your own! Be as cunning as you like…

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littleblondebananaboy asked
"Who did this to you?"




"Did what? Is there something on my back again? Is it a stupid sign?" She asked spinning around trying to see. She kind of assumed it was something big, obvious and out of her sight, unlike a scar she was used to seeing everyday.

"Why thank you" she said smiling back "oh, and I’m Elizaveta. But you can call me Eliza if you’d like" She continued; she felt the same comfortable air surrounding them ad it made her smile a little brighter. He was surely a good person to be around. "And your are?"

He held out a hand in greeting as he spoke. “I’m Len. It’s nice to meet you, Eliza.” Her name sounded foreign to him and he was afraid he’d mess it up if he tried so he instead chose to call her by the shorter name she had given him.

"Well it’s very nice to meet you too, Len" she replied, shaking his hand. She really liked his name; it was short, sweet, and not too common like most peoples names.


no but bi harry deliberately fucking with ron like they’re at christmas dinner or w/e and harry just goes “you know ron i’m in love with your sister and everything but if bill was single…goddamn. i’d go there”

bill winks across the table at harry

ron screams